July 2017

A letter to the Company of “Merrily We Roll Along”…

And just like that, we have opened Merrily We Roll Along at the MTC Lawler Theatre. It’s no secret that I adore the show, the role of Mary, and the people I get to play with. But this is actually my third experience being involved in a show whilst pregnant, and the first time I am far along enough that I’m costumed specifically to hide it, am consciously making an effort not to touch my stomach on stage, feel out of breath from my squished diaphragm, and have gone from trained classical dancer to pigmy hippopotamus lurching around in a kitten heel. But how totally REMARKABLE it is to feel a little soul, your daughter, accompanying you as you do what you love.

Every show she joins me as I sing, laugh, cry, type, fall, bounce around with people I love, and tell a story about dreams and integrity and the importance of friendship. And she gets to hear Sondheim… it is vibrating in our cells and coursing through our shared oxygen and it is one of my first gifts to her. I am also grateful to every SINGLE member of this company for their support. You may not realise it, but every time you’ve asked me how my nausea is, or understood when I was tired, or touched my stomach in appreciation or out of care, or humoured my mandarin addiction, or bought me slices, or loaned me books and advice, or sat with me at lunch and didn’t judge me for the fourth burger I ordered that week, or told me I looked great as I have adjusted to this very new and foreign feeling and physicality, you have helped me immensely and made this all the more special.

You all know who you are, and smudge and I thank you from the bottom of our fast beating hearts. Can’t wait to keep rolling (literally) along on this wonderful ride with you all.