February 2017

So, this year kicked off nicely at the Adelaide Festival Centre, with a really delightful season of The Production Company’s Dusty in Adelaide, in which I played the small role of Riss, and was fortunate enough to also understudy the lead role of Dusty Springfield. Although this was a daunting challenge initially, it turned out that I absolutely loved delving into her harrowing story of self destruction, and best of all, was rewarded with the task of singing her catalogue of truly astounding songs. All 26 of them!!! It was an absolute treat, and lovely, as always, to work once again with The Production Company.

And over in the land of Straight theatre… since 2015 I have been a member of an exciting indie theatre Company called Q44 Theatre, and we have just launched our 2017 season! I am thrilled to be playing the role of Bonnie in our first Main Stage Play of the year: the infamous Hurly Burly by David Rabe. This is a really relevant and challenging piece, set in the ugliest portrayal of L.A. imaginable, featuring drug-riddled casting agents, actors, strippers and nomads who are all struggling with desperation, connection, reality, and identity.

I get to play the stripper.

Don’t ever say dreams can’t come true.

I also have another little project in the pipeline, a show I have co-written based on the life story of pinup model Bettie Page. I have named it simply: Bettie.

My writer and I won the chance to be part of a reading workshop last October in which we read the piece to a panel of industry experts who gave us feedback. It really was terrifying /exciting to do this, and I continue to write, improve, expand, rewrite, dissect, and nurture the project…. Sigh. She ain’t done yet. But you will hear about it when I am ready to put it on it’s high heeled feet, I promise.

Finally, there is ANOTHER  project on the horizon coming…. Which I am VERY thrilled about…  but I am not allowed to say anything so you will have to WATCH THIS SPACE!!! (and yes, the capitals mean I am YELLING with EXCITEMENT.)

That’s it from me. Thanks for reading.  Stay tuned. xx