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October 2016

October 2016

Well, 2016 hasn’t been boring. So far this year I’ve had a variety of acting jobs where I have been OUT of my comfort zone. Not that I’m complaining. In truth, I am really grateful as an actress to be able to say that, because we all thrive on being both challenged and ahem, employed, and to be both of these things is a true privilege!

Case in point, I very recently shot an exciting new ABC series in which I play an alien in a femme fatale woman’s body. I may or may not have had to hack up a love dart and spit it into my victim’s arm with the hope of laying my alien eggs inside him. (You will just have to keep an eye out on ABC3 to know if I am telling the truth!!) The very next week I was on set for Dr Blake’s Murder mysteries playing an upper class woman from the 50’s in classy pastel pinks. Needless to say, there was a lot less spitting involved in this one.

Speaking of spitting, during the most recent musical I was in, I continued to share bodily fluids with my fellow actors. Throughout September I played a plethora of brash characters in Pursued By Bear’s First Date at Chapel off Chapel and Gosh it was fun. I got to drink beer on stage as old Jewish Grandma Ida, sing a truly beautiful duet with Jordan Maher playing Aaron’s deceased Mum, get all sassy at Rebecca Hetherington as her bossy sister Lauren and then pick my nose and wipe it on her in one of the numbers.

Another thrilling experience I had earlier this year was playing a famous homosexual writer: Austin in Sister Cities, an amazing play by Colette Freedman where I assisted my Mother’s suicide and paralysed one of my sisters. So, not a particularly LIGHT piece, but like I said, this has been a year of challenge and variety.

My next exciting project hopefully doesn’t include spitting or poisoning anyone, as it is Dusty at the Playhouse with The Production Company. I am thrilled to be playing “Riss” and various other characters, and donning many a fabulous 60’s wig. This takes me through to Feb next year….. and then… who knows?!?